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A Comprehensive Guide to Types of Boutonnieres

A Comprehensive Guide to Types of Boutonnieres

Ah, the great white north. Canada's not just about its mesmerizing landscapes, hockey passion, or maple syrup; it's also about its commitment to traditions and attention to detail. When it comes to special occasions, one such detail that often goes overlooked is the boutonniere. This tiny floral accent, pinned to a lapel, speaks volumes about personality, style, and the nature of the occasion. Whether you're gearing up for a wedding in Vancouver, a prom in Toronto, or a banquet in Montreal, a boutonniere can add that perfect touch of class and sophistication, eh?

The Blooming Basics

In the heart of Canadian traditions, boutonnieres have always been seen as more than just an accessory. They're symbolic, representing the bond and commitment one is about to embark on. But with so many choices out there, how does one even start the process of picking the right boutonniere?

Let's start with the classics. For centuries, flowers have been nature's way of showcasing beauty, emotions, and intentions. When choosing a boutonniere, the flower chosen often reflects the sentiments of the occasion, as well as the personality of the wearer.

Carnations, for instance, have long been associated with love and fascination. Widely available in Canada, these flowers offer a variety of colours – from the romantic reds and pinks to the pure whites. According to Flower Patch Delivery, carnations are among the top choices for wedding boutonnieres, given their versatility and resonance with various themes.

If carnations are the comfortable old sweater of boutonnieres, then roses are the tailored tuxedo. Classic, elegant, and timeless, roses are always a sure bet. The distinction between standard roses and spray roses can be seen in their size and cluster. Spray roses, smaller and bundled together, can provide a textured and layered look. Whether you're attending a formal ball in Ottawa or a summer wedding in Calgary, roses seamlessly fit the bill.

The floral scene doesn't end with roses and carnations, of course. For those looking to add a touch of exotic sophistication, orchids are a perfect choice. In particular, the Cymbidium orchids are a popular pick for Canadian boutonnieres, as noted by Flower Duet. Their unique petal structure and vibrant colours allow them to stand out, making them a favourite for those who like to go against the grain.

Key Takeaways:

  • Carnations and roses are the timeless classics for boutonnieres in Canada.
  • Cymbidium orchids provide a unique and sophisticated flair, making them a popular choice for the discerning individual.

Beyond the Ordinary: Unique Choices

Tradition is important, but so is showcasing one's personal flair. For those looking to break away from the norm, there's a world of unique boutonniere choices awaiting.


One such choice is the ranunculus. This flower, with its delicate petals and vibrant hues, speaks to the romantic at heart. With origins from Central Asia, ranunculus has found its home in various Canadian celebrations, standing out in its beauty and charm. Martha Stewart notes the appeal of this flower, especially in weddings, where every detail speaks to the love and commitment shared between two individuals.

For those getting hitched in Canada's colder climates, fear not! Ranunculus is not only beautiful but resilient, holding up well in varying temperatures. A key factor for any outdoor celebration or photoshoot against Canada's breathtaking snowy landscapes.

Key Takeaway:

Ranunculus offers a blend of beauty, resilience, and romance, making it a fantastic choice for those looking to add a touch of unique charm to their special occasion.

Wax flowers

The wax flower, often overlooked, is another gem waiting to be discovered. With tiny blooms resembling tea tree flowers, these flowers add a whimsical touch to any boutonniere. Especially suitable for springtime events or rustic-themed weddings, wax flowers can either be the main attraction or serve as an accompaniment to other blooms in the boutonniere arrangement. For those attending celebrations in Canada's countryside or looking to evoke a sense of natural beauty, wax flowers might just be your best bet.

Key Takeaway:

The wax flower is a versatile choice, perfect for rustic-themed events or to add a touch of whimsy to your attire.

The Naturalistic Touch: Greenery and Foliage

Amid the bustling urban landscapes of cities like Toronto and Vancouver, there's a yearning for nature, a call back to the vast Canadian wilderness, teeming with verdant forests and sprawling meadows. This same desire can be mirrored in our choice of boutonnieres. Sometimes, it's not about the flower itself but about the lush greenery that accompanies it.


Eucalyptus is not just for those adorable koalas down under; it's also a trendy choice in Canadian boutonniere designs. With its silvery-green leaves and distinct aroma, eucalyptus can be used as a primary element or as a complementary addition to other flowers. The versatility of eucalyptus pairs well with both formal and informal events, allowing it to resonate with a wide audience. A winter wedding in Quebec? The frosty hue of eucalyptus leaves can be the perfect accompaniment.

Key Takeaway:

Eucalyptus brings a refreshing touch to boutonnieres, versatile enough for various events and seasons.


If you're seeking something a tad more unconventional, the thistle might pique your interest. With its spiky appearance and cool blue tone, thistles can add a dash of ruggedness and wild beauty to your boutonniere. Especially popular among those with Celtic heritage or those just seeking to add a touch of the wild to their attire, thistle is a unique choice that surely makes a statement. According to WeddingWire, integrating such unique elements can set the tone for the entire celebration.

Key Takeaway:

For a rugged, wild look, thistles are a bold choice that will surely leave an impression.

Ivy and Ferns

Perhaps you're a fan of the classics, like ivy and ferns. These greenery options bring a touch of timeless elegance to boutonnieres. Ideal for garden weddings or any outdoor celebration, they seamlessly blend with Canada's green landscapes. They might appear simple, but as The Knot points out, sometimes less is more.

Key Takeaway:

Ivy and ferns offer a timeless elegance, proving that sometimes simplicity can be the most striking choice.

Berry Branches

Lastly, for a hint of colour amidst the green, berry branches can be a delightful addition. Especially popular during autumnal events in Canada, berry branches provide a burst of colour – from vibrant reds to deep purples. They can be combined with other flowers or stand on their own for a minimalist yet colourful boutonniere.

Key Takeaway:

Berry branches offer a splash of colour, making them ideal for fall events or those looking for a colourful twist to their green boutonniere.

With these diverse greenery and foliage choices, any Canadian event can be enhanced. The beauty of nature can be pinned right to the lapel, showcasing a connection to the environment and a nod to the grandeur of Canada's landscapes.

Unique Elements: Going Beyond Traditional Flowers

In the bustling streets of Montreal or the serene settings of Victoria, Canadians love to express their individuality. This is most evident in the special occasions we celebrate and how we choose to accentuate our attires. While flowers and greenery are staples in boutonnieres, introducing unique elements can elevate the traditional to the extraordinary.


Birds of a feather flock together, but in the case of boutonnieres, a lone feather can make all the difference. Whether you choose a delicate dove feather or a bold peacock plume, incorporating a feather adds a touch of whimsy and distinction to the boutonniere. For those having a woodland-themed wedding or a Bohemian-inspired celebration, this might be the exact touch you're looking for. As pointed out by MyFlouer, these unique touches can resonate with your personality and theme.

Key Takeaway:
Feathers provide a dreamy, free-spirited edge to your boutonniere, setting you apart in any gathering.


Wildflowers, with their undomesticated beauty, can paint a picturesque scene reminiscent of Canada's sprawling meadows. Using wildflowers in your boutonniere not only exudes a rustic charm but also tells a story of natural beauty untouched by human hands. These blooms often pair well with outdoor weddings or celebrations in more rural settings.

Key Takeaway:
Wildflowers encapsulate the spirit of the untamed, adding a hint of rustic and natural beauty to your attire.


Going a step further from traditional boutonnieres, mini wreaths can be both symbolic and aesthetically pleasing. Representing unity, eternity, and celebration, they can be particularly significant for weddings. Comprising tiny flowers, greenery, or even berries, these little circles of joy can be both an accessory and a conversation starter. Martha Stewart Weddings has highlighted such unique approaches as game-changers in wedding fashion.

Key Takeaway:
Mini wreaths aren't just aesthetically pleasing; they're laden with symbolism and can add depth to your special occasion.


Last but not least, for the culinary enthusiasts or those who love a touch of aroma, herbs can be an enchanting choice. Think sprigs of rosemary, thyme, or even lavender. Not only do they look splendid, but they also exude a pleasing aroma that lasts throughout the event. It's a multi-sensory experience, allowing one to see, touch, and smell the boutonniere.

Key Takeaway:

Herbs offer a multisensory boutonniere experience, ensuring you not only look but also smell memorable.

It's clear that when it comes to boutonnieres, thinking outside the box (or flower bud) can result in delightful and memorable creations. By incorporating unique elements, Canadians can showcase their individuality and ensure their special occasions are remembered for years to come.

Making the Right Choice: Tailoring to Your Event

Choosing the perfect boutonniere isn't just about personal preference or what looks appealing. It's an intricate dance of matching the boutonniere to the event's essence, theme, location, and season. In Canada, with its myriad climates and diverse landscapes, there's a wealth of inspiration to draw from.

Event Themes

Every event carries a unique theme or mood. It's imperative to ensure that your boutonniere is in harmony with this overarching theme. For instance:

  • Vintage Themes: Antique roses or dried lavender can evoke yesteryears' charm.
  • Beach Themes: Think orchids or even small shells for that oceanside vibe.
  • Winter Wonderland: Silver-hued eucalyptus or pinecones can capture the snowy beauty.

By connecting your boutonniere to the event's theme, you anchor your look in the broader celebration, as suggested by Flower Duet.

Key Takeaway:
Always align your boutonniere choice with the event's theme for a harmonized and thoughtful look.

Seasons and Locations

The vast expanse of Canada offers a mosaic of seasons and settings:

  • Spring in Ottawa: Delicate ranunculus or tulips can mirror the city's famed tulip festival.
  • Summer in Calgary: Wildflowers or sunflowers might capture the spirit of sun-drenched prairies.
  • Autumn in Halifax: Berry branches or deep-hued roses can reflect the fall foliage.
  • Winter in Quebec: Incorporating evergreens or holly can evoke the snowy charm.

Incorporating regional and seasonal cues can make your boutonniere feel connected and relevant. WeddingWire's insights also reinforce this concept, noting the importance of considering the season in flower selection.

Key Takeaway:
A boutonniere that resonates with the season and location offers an authentic touch to your attire.

Availability and Practicality

While dreaming big is excellent, one must remain grounded in the realm of availability. Certain flowers or greenery might not be readily available year-round. It's essential to consult with local florists, such as those in Vancouver's flower market or Toronto's floral boutiques, to understand what's fresh and accessible. Beyond availability, also consider the boutonniere's durability – you wouldn't want it wilting halfway through the event!

Key Takeaway:
Ensuring your boutonniere's components are available and durable is crucial. Always consult with a local florist for the best advice.

By considering the event's theme, the regional and seasonal context, and practical elements like availability, Canadians can select a boutonniere that's not just aesthetically pleasing but also meaningful and apt for the occasion.

Expert Tips and Tricks: Getting the Most Out of Your Boutonniere

From the bustling streets of Toronto to the serene mountains of Banff, Canadian events are as diverse as its landscape. Whether it's a gala in a sophisticated urban setting or a rustic countryside wedding, there's always a way to make your boutonniere stand out and last longer. To ensure you rock that boutonniere like a pro, here are some expert tips and tricks.

Preservation and Longevity

Even the most beautiful boutonniere can lose its charm if it starts to wilt mid-event. Here's how to keep it fresh:

  • Cool Storage: Before the event, keep your boutonniere in a cool place, avoiding direct sunlight. This can help maintain its freshness.
  • Hydration: Some florists provide tiny water tubes. If yours doesn't, misting your boutonniere lightly can help. Just ensure you don't overdo it, as mentioned by The Knot.
  • Avoid Crushing: Be mindful of hugs and interactions that could crush delicate blooms.

Key Takeaway:
With the right preservation methods, your boutonniere can look fresh and lively throughout your special event.

Perfect Placement

There's an art to pinning a boutonniere. It's typically placed on the left lapel, around 4 inches below the shoulder seam:

  • Pin from Behind: Push the pin from behind the lapel, through the boutonniere stem, and back. This hides the pin and ensures stability.
  • Orientation: Ensure it's perpendicular to the ground. A slanting boutonniere can throw off the symmetry of your look.

Key Takeaway:
Placement is pivotal. Make sure your boutonniere is securely pinned and aligned for the best visual impact.

Coordinating with Other Accessories

Your boutonniere shouldn't exist in a vacuum:

  • Tie and Pocket Square: If you're wearing a colored tie or pocket square, ensure your boutonniere complements these shades.
  • Couples Coordination: If attending with a date or partner, coordinating your boutonniere with their corsage or bouquet creates a harmonious look.

Key Takeaway:
Coordinating your boutonniere with other accessories and arrangements elevates your overall aesthetic.

Thinking Beyond Flowers

We've touched on unique elements like feathers and herbs, but there's a world beyond that:

  • Fabric Boutonnieres: Ideal for those allergic to flowers or looking for a lasting keepsake.
  • Metal and Brooch Boutonnieres: They offer a chic, durable alternative and can be real statement pieces, as pointed out by various trends on WeddingWire.

Key Takeaway:
Don't limit yourself to traditional floral boutonnieres. Think creatively to find a piece that truly resonates with your style.

Armed with these expert tips and tricks, you're now ready to ensure your boutonniere is not just a floral accessory but a standout feature of your attire, lasting and impressing throughout your special occasion.


The Canadian Touch: Infusing Local Flair into Your Boutonniere

Canada, with its vast landscapes, diverse culture, and rich history, offers a multitude of ways to add a distinct touch to boutonnieres. Whether you want to showcase Canadian pride, nod to your cultural heritage, or simply embrace local flora, here's how to infuse that authentic Canadian vibe.

Native Canadian Flowers

Canada is home to numerous indigenous plants that can add a touch of the wild and pristine to your boutonniere:

  • Bunchberry: This tiny white flower, often found in Canadian forests, can add a delicate touch.
  • Fireweed: A vibrant pink flower that symbolizes the Canadian spirit of resilience and rebirth.
  • Blue-eyed Grass: Though not true grass, its star-shaped flowers can bring a dash of colour.

Referencing such native flowers, as illustrated on Martha Stewart's website, ensures a boutonniere that's uniquely Canadian.
Key Takeaway:
Opting for Canadian flora can root your boutonniere in the essence of this magnificent country.

Symbolic Additions

Canada has numerous symbols, both official and cultural:

  • Maple Leaf: A small gold or silver maple leaf pin can be combined with the boutonniere for a touch of national pride.
  • Hockey Elements: Perhaps a miniature hockey stick or puck for the avid fan?
  • Inuit Art: Tiny soapstone carvings or patterns can add depth and honour Indigenous heritage.

Such symbols can create a boutonniere rich in meaning and local essence, a point often emphasized in The Knot's articles.
Key Takeaway:
Infusing your boutonniere with Canadian symbols adds a layer of depth, storytelling, and national pride.

Ethical and Sustainable Choices

Canada is at the forefront of sustainability, and this can reflect in your boutonniere choice:

  • Local Florists: Supporting local artisans and florists, especially those practicing organic farming, can make your choice eco-friendly.
  • Reusable Elements: Consider boutonnieres that use fabric or metal, which can be kept as mementoes without any waste.
  • Wildflowers: Often hardier and more sustainable than exotic blooms.

By making such ethical choices, you not only get a beautiful accessory but also a statement of values, a sentiment echoed by FlowerPatchDelivery.
Key Takeaway:
Embracing sustainability in your boutonniere choice makes a statement about your values and commitment to the planet.

Drawing inspiration from Canada's vast tapestry ensures that your boutonniere isn't just another accessory. It becomes a story, a statement, and a piece of art that pays homage to a land of diversity, beauty, and resilience. So next time you're selecting or designing a boutonniere, remember to infuse it with a touch of the True North.

Your beautiful boutonniere awaits

In the heart of Canada, where traditions meet modernity, the boutonniere stands as a symbol of evolution in self-expression. As we adorn ourselves for events that mark life's significant moments, it's essential to remember that every small detail, like a boutonniere, tells a story. It reflects choices, personalities, histories, and hopes. As you select or design the perfect boutonniere for your next occasion, remember it's not just an accessory but a vibrant chapter in your life's tapestry. Choose wisely, make a statement, and let your boutonniere narrate a tale that's uniquely yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the average cost of boutonnieres in Canada?
    The cost of boutonnieres in Canada varies based on factors like the choice of flowers, design intricacy, and the florist's reputation. On average, boutonnieres can range from $10 to $30, with luxury options and exotic flowers pushing the price higher.
  2. How can one ensure a boutonniere stays fresh during winter events?
    For winter events, it's crucial to keep the boutonniere protected from the harsh cold until it's time to wear it. Store it in a cool, not freezing, place, preferably in a refrigerated setting. Using hardy flowers like roses or carnations can also help, as they withstand colder temperatures better. Before pinning it, give it a quick mist with water to keep it hydrated.
  3. Are there any specific Canadian traditions associated with boutonnieres?
    While boutonnieres in Canada generally follow global trends, Canadians may opt for local symbols or motifs, such as the maple leaf, during national events. Moreover, some indigenous Canadians incorporate traditional elements or designs into their boutonnieres during cultural ceremonies.
  4. How far in advance should one order a boutonniere from a Canadian florist?
    To ensure availability and give the florist adequate time to design the boutonniere, it's recommended to order at least two to three weeks in advance. However, for peak seasons like prom or wedding season, consider placing your order even earlier.
  5. Are there eco-friendly boutonniere options available in Canada?
    Absolutely! Many Canadian florists are adopting sustainable practices. You can request organic flowers, recycled or biodegradable materials for ribbons and pins, and even locally-sourced blooms to reduce carbon footprints. Some boutonnieres also incorporate dried flowers or reusable elements, offering an eco-friendly yet stylish choice.