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Meet the way to dad’s heart; the Nakuru Bouquet

Meet the way to dad’s heart; the Nakuru Bouquet

Today is a wondrous time to celebrate our fathers. A day for all the men who pave the way for their children to grow and become their best selves; for the one-of-kind fathers that encourage kindness and fun at the same time. Alongside moms and guardians, dads serve as the pillars of every home.

However, fathers do have a reputation of showing how they love and care in unique and unexpected ways. Some are expressive and comfortable with their feelings but some can also be more reserved and laid back. Some fathers are patient listeners and gift givers while some stay firm and tough. There are different kinds of fathers, all unique in their own way, but for most of us, one thing is sure; they serve as our protectors.

Before the superheroes, multiverses, and world-saving crews, there was dad, our very first hero. From the moment we were born until today, our fathers have been our bold and brave knights in shining armor; acting as our shields and our first line of defense against imaginary threats and very real ones. They made sure that we were safe and that we had someone to rely on. 

This is their way of expressing their care. While most of us wish they would still say it out loud, their actions do speak louder than their words.

Just like fathers, flowers can also be reserved and unapparent but can say a whole lot when it comes to making us feel. A beautiful arrangement of stems and foliage can trigger happy emotions. While the sweet scents of blooms can bring back memories and even form new ones. This is the subtle joy of flowers and fathers; both experts in influencing how we feel.

So this Father’s Day, meet The Nakuru; a dreamy bouquet that is certain to soften any dad’s heart and make them feel loved all over. This captivating and unique floral arrangement is carefully decorated with beautiful long stemmed roses, and the ever vibrant lisianthus. Both tied together, completed, and filled-in with colorful stems of statice blue, delphinium, and snapdragon; an arbutus florist’s dream.

Give your dad an unexpected gift they will certainly love; florals just as unique as they are. Discover the beauty of the Nakuru Bouquet and other unique arrangements for your Father’s Day celebration this month. Shop online right here at